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No more cock jokes

2008-08-26 20:53:33 by Snakemaster-13

Regarding my last post, not even I'm tasteless enough to make a cock-based flash, but that's really only because I can't draw cocks too well. Whoever's bored enough to read my news posts, please make light of this.


2008-01-05 01:09:29 by Snakemaster-13

Newgrounds has changed. Cock jokes have become a commodity, a vestigial genre on NG. Weakly revived by TANKMEN, it lingers on, but I plan to make things right again. I will make cock jokes mainstream again if it's the last thing I ever do! Maybe it's just that long dead horny preteen spirit trying to regain control of me, but I don't care! At this moment, I pledge to make a flash movie, perhaps even a series, entirely about cocks! I won't rest until I do, and I don't care how much anyone hates me for it, for the noobs will rally at my side, and as we all know, today's noobs are tomorrow's regulars (some of them, anyway), and if the SS can have their own collection and the KK have scores of protected movies, then so can I! Nothing can stop my plan now, not even... bigbadron. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


What began as a doodle in English class has for the first time made its way to the internet. I'm talking, of course, about Der Schlangemeister. Including a real-minded snake man, a pirate past his prime, and a ghetto muffin, this flash is sure to rouse minds well-tuned to the bizzare.

I'm unhappy

2007-09-30 12:27:48 by Snakemaster-13

And I think the lot of you are too. Let us think, what defines us precisely as unhappy. Could it perhaps be intraminded social bigotry that goes unnoticed in society until bad feelings have been brought out, or perhaps maybe things that have been said, too much has been said, too little, too prejudiced, to secksy, etcetera.

Or, maybe, it's just because it's a Sunday, and I think we all know what's bad about Sundays: The day where those people have to do the homework they've put off; they day before school starts; the bittersweet notion of having a free day yet being tortured that you're still bound by the ruthless school system and the fact that, someday, someday soon, you will be reassimilated into that very same system.

Or, even more outrageous, an idea that will rock all the ages and all the ages' respective balls: I'm just fucking bored and I have nothing better to do! Yeah, this is it! This is why we're all unhappy, me because I'm writing this piece of shit, and you, who has been suckered in if you're still reading at this point and are terribly unhappy because you're reading this piece of shit. I've just discovered the meaning of unhappiness, and you all now know. Now go and warp the masses with this newfound information, or just sit your fat asses on the couch and do what you've been doing. That works too.

I don't really know who will read this, but what the hell. Tai824 and me aspire to be much more notable artists in times to come, but the way things are going now, I don't know how long it'll take for that to happen, but I remain hopeful. We're moving into the (somewhat skewed and mediocre quality) music video scene that are more homages to old crap than anything. And, well, I'm done talking to myself now.